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i'm working on a project that calls for changing the color of 10 metal doors and frames installed in a residential building that were spray-lacquered in place after they were installed (but before the building was inhabited).

i won't spray lacquer in a corridor in a residential building that is inhabited. it's just too dangerous. but i can't find anything that wants to stick to it.

i've tried sanding / spraying alkyd DTM - it wouldn't come out of my cup gun, so i thinned it till it would. i got orange peel & alligator skin.

sanded again, not to bare metal, but to smooth. then primer & thinned DTM (cuz i had it) - same thing.

at my wits end.

i may have over-thinned the DTM to get it out of my gun.

any advice would be welcome.

thanks in advance.
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