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Re-Milling a Checker on a Titanium Hammer?

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So I bought a stilletto in april. Couldn't spring for a T-bone with replaceable head options, so did the standard wood handle version. Love the dam thing. Only problem is my checkered face is now smooth.

Is there a way to put a checker back on it with a grinder or a file?

Has anyone found a good method to do this on a titanium head and had good results?

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I used an angle grinder to make the face flat first. Then a dremel to put some grip on it. I didn't go too deep but then you have to do it more often. Making the face flat helped a ton! They are a little rounded to start.
You can't send it back and have stiletto send you a new one?

...or did they stop doing that?
Ive never heard of them replacing heads that were worn. Seems like that would be a big money looser for a company. Mine with normal day to day use only lasted 3 months before the waffle is about gone.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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