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Re-introduce myself

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Hi guys I introduced my self just over a year ago since then I havnt posted any more ,mostly due to time and the lack thereof , just checking in to say hows business ? Its been a weird year for us so far, lots of pricing and getting a fair amount ,but so many delays on others parts that its having a major affect on our schedules. A project we have for a large custom home is held up because Endicott brick has a kiln down and we cant get the bricks till the end of August The bricks are Manganese Iron Spot Smooth, norman size. And thats just one example.
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For the second time WELCOME to contractor talk. Hopefully you will find some interesting threads in which you can lay upon us your wealth of knowledge.

Business for us has been hit and miss like almost everybody, but thankfully we are way better off compared to some.
The "wealth of knowledge" is here amongst the pages of this forum, like everyone else I learn something new everyday. I am 49 yrs old & have been at the trade since I could help my father on the weekends & after school (if the job was close by) and yet some days I can do something incredibly stupid & feel like an apprentice all over again... It sure is good to see some of the nice work you guys put out and it makes me feel like the skill and passion is still there. Thanks for letting me back in again. Now time to get back to work!! Everyone thinks we dont work on Sundays but here I am @ 6:30 am in the office pricing yet again.......OK Boys, breaks over, heads down lets go. Has anyone put a level on that wall yet?
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Welcome to CT
Work for me has been a slow steady. Its picking up a bit but dont think it will ever be like it was and thats ok weed out some of the hacks.
Leaves me more family time. Went two years straight one day off and spent half that day on the phone.
I hear ya unfortunately as things slow down the hacks come out of the woodwork around here and start throwing lowball bids at everything that moves and the newer GC s get sucked in every time.
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