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Ron - you have been all over this are like a pseudo-moderator - you get to make suggestions but without all the authority and power the true mods have.

Yeah I know. Like you don't do it too!

At least I am polite:laughing:. (mostly)

It's something to do between reading useful posts.

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Live in N. Texas. Which is the best exterior paint on the market?
Honestly, a lot of high quality paints will still have above average product failure rates in certain regions due to climate, etc. etc. So make sure if you're looking at products that they've done well in climates similar to where the product will be applied. Regardless of what CR or whoever says.
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You can come visit my area of New England and I will show lots and lots of Exterior homes painted with Duration that are absolutely not holding up as promised.

These homes have been painted the right way and done by professional contractors. Some homes were properly prepped and then primed and finished with Duration and some were oil primed.

I was one of the first contractors to be given Duration to try out when it first came around as well as two others (contractors).

I look out my office window at a building we painted a few years ago with Duration, we stripped the old finish off primed with oil and put 2 cts Duration and guess what..........does not look any better than any other exterior we’ve done, as matter of fact the finish has dulled big time....

I call um like I see them and we use what ever paint works the best for us, but remember this when trying something new just cause SW says its the best :w00t: doesn’t mean it is.....

We have also used Aura, Fortis and Muralo Endurance which for us is the best of the lot as far as miracle exterior paints.

Just my 2 cts, if Duration works for you than Great that’s all that counts.

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