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raised panel wainscot

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What is the correct joinery between a raised panel and the stiles/rails?

Is setting a routed panel in the field, and trimming it with a 3/8 X 1/2 inch cove the way to go? Or should the panel fit in a dado inside the stiles/rail? And then get trimmed?

I understand that this could be very elaborate in design, or very simple

I havent seen the space yet, From what I am told it is a foyer, stairwell, and upper hall.
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the panel fits inside the rail/stile in a dato.
It can be done both ways. My normal way of doing it is with my shaper setup. It has a cope, stick and panel cutter on three machines. Quick and efficient. If you were to do something in the field it would be easier to do it with a butt joint and a (routed) rabbet on the inside perimeter. Then you can place the panel in the rabbet and put a molding over the tongue of the panel. You can use a small molding that would stay below the surface or a molding that is rabbeted and is put on top of the surface. I have done it all three ways. Usually in the shop and transported to the field.
Thanks Leo, thats what I was thinking. Many roads lead to Rome, the only difference is driving a Fiat or Ferrari. And a special thanks to spell check, you made me laugh, and thats always a good thing.

I think my material for the actual panels will be MDF, and the R/S primed FJ pine.

If you guys have a better alternative to MDF, I would love to hear it
****? depends who you are talking to, malco:whistling

we have always used MDF cause it's stable and easy to work with and fairly cheap.

i have made up and seen well over 20 different ways to transition rails and stiles to the raised panel... we can use a variety of stock profiles and even stack profiles to give a new look, or just make some funky custom or classic mating rail and stile.
leo... who does your finishing/topcoat for you in that last pic? you do it all your self?

what do you use? poly, shelac, etc...?
This is truly spectacular:thumbsup:

Eat your heart out Gus :laughing:
I usually do all my finishing in the shop. In this case I delivered the product raw and had it installed by another contractor. So far the only ones that have installed my stuff to my standards.

The painters did the finishing. It looks good, but it feels not so smooth. I could have done a much better job. But it looks great in pictures. The panel to the left of the door is the AV system. It glides out with thte help of a motor. Push a button and it comes out, push it again and it goes in.

Here's the other side of the room
leo... who does your finishing/topcoat for you in that last pic? you do it all your self?

what do you use? poly, shelac, etc...?
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room looks ready for primer and paint :thumbsup:
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