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For an interior wooden railing leading to a 2nd flr.....painted or stained.

Pros Cons?

I cannot ever recall seeing a handrail painted [unless it was a powder coat over metal].
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Is the handrail a finishing touches type thing for your bathroom?:shifty:
LMAO :laughing:

No it's a "finishing type thing" for the 2nd flr. renov. :whistling

Oh, I thought it might be for proping one's self up, while stradling the hole in the floor where the crapper was!:laughing::laughing:

Honestly, I just thought you were being saftey conscious.:whistling
it's a given I'll fall down the stairs :wacko: due to stepping on a "Barbie" shoe or something.
I usually end up tripping in a pile of half dressed barbie's!!:laughing:
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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