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For an interior wooden railing leading to a 2nd flr.....painted or stained.

Pros Cons?

I cannot ever recall seeing a handrail painted [unless it was a powder coat over metal].
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I've seen a couple wood handrails painted cant say i really liked it. Seemed alot more prone to show dirt and dings. The newel post caps always seem to be down to bare wood on the sharp edges whenever i see it painted.

Those were my thoughts....toss a couple of kids into the mix, the paint won't stand a chance.
You didn't mention kids involved...I would scuff the handrail up, drag it behind your truck, making large splinters that would be prone to easily come off...

That'll teach those kids to touch that handrail again....
Is the handrail a finishing touches type thing for your bathroom?:shifty:

LMAO :laughing:

No it's a "finishing type thing" for the 2nd flr. renov. :whistling
Oh, I thought it might be for proping one's self up, while stradling the hole in the floor where the crapper was!:laughing::laughing:
The hole where the crapper was now has a crapper flange :thumbsup:
No signs of much of anything else :no:

Honestly, I just thought you were being saftey conscious.:whistling
In a way I might keep the kids from breaking their necks on the's a given I'll fall down the stairs :wacko: due to stepping on a "Barbie" shoe or something.
I usually end up tripping in a pile of half dressed barbie's!!:laughing: if we could only fall onto a life sized, half dressed Barbie :thumbup:
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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