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Two different challenges:

1) My client wants rafter vents that are flush with the final stucco coat. Installed INSTEAD of blocking between a small number of the ceiling joists. Where can I find DECENT vents that I can install in this method. Basically the rafters are on 24" centers with 2x6 rafters. How are they installed? Thanks for that one.

2) #2 ... there is an existing Catheral ceiling that my client wants to match in the new Master Bedroom. But, he doesn't want to completely fill in the space between the 2x8 rafters with insulation. What would you recommend? I need to obtain R19 or close. Hard foam? What about foil materials? Some on the inside? Some on the roof? How to install it on the roof? (I've never done this type of installation before, so I need really detailed instructions and in depth advise from all you experts - thanks in advance for understanding) What about the fascia boards? Are they flush to the top of the insulation with the final sheet of OSB nailed to the TOP of the fascia? I'm, obviously, having a hard time visualizing and completing this darn project.

THANKS SOOO MUCH! I'm new to the forum and look forward to your help.

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