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Hi everyone

I am looking for the calculation to cut a solid radius out of one 2x12 LVL. I know one exists that will give you the number of cuts to be made, spacing of cuts, and depth of cuts, and when you bend the board and all your cuts are closed (edges touch) you have a perfect radius. any help? This is mostly used for solid backing for radius window. not my application but that's what I've seen it used for.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Its not really a calculation. Figure out the circumference of the outer radius, figure out the circumference of the inner radius, take the difference and take the difference evenly out of the inner piece.
To put it into perspective, say your outer arc was 8' long, the inner arc is 7'... Difference is 12"... you could cut some v notches, that point to the inside of the piece and are 1" at the outside of the curve, do that 12 times over the length of the piece, you take out 12" and in turn when you bend it, the sides of each v notch will touch and contour properly..
This is more for figuring out curves with some width....
But on an 1 3/4" LVL i think you are better off forgetting the formula and just kerfing the piece to bend, pin as needed. Hopefully this helps?
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