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I am remodeling a two story, 1900 sq. ft home. It is completely gutted to the
stud walls. Even the floor is coming out.

It is in a moderate to cold climate in North Eastern Pennsylvania. We rarely dip below zero but some Jan/Feb winters can have a stretch of 10 to 15

I want to go all electric for my main heat source in the house. I have been searching and reading for quite a while and find 99% of people say electric
is too expensive. I can't find anyone that actually has all electric heat
to give me a estimate on what my monthly bill would be.
I am going to supplement with propane fireplaces, one on each floor. All the floors in the house will be tile.

I'm beginning to think there is a deep seeded prejudice against electric heat
simply by never actually having used it. "It's too expensive..don't even think about it."

Is it too expensive? Has anyone ever actually done and all electric installation with in-floor radiant heat and can tell me what their bills were in the winter months?

Has anyone ever done the homework on what it coats to maintain their other heat sources? Pumps, motors, pipes, filters, humidifiers, annual maintainance, service contracts, unexpected or out of warranty repairs, chimney sweep and the never ending rise in petroleum products and that whole unstable market?
All of those things are avoided with electric heat.

The house will have all the latest insulation technologies, including all new insulation and windows. I can't believe that electic heat is still too expensive
yet I cant find any real data to support that belief.

I found a company called Floor Heatech. They told me their product is meant to be a main heat source for cold climate installations. There product has a Lifetime warranty for residential installations and a 10 year warranty on Commercial. Has anyone here ever dealt with Floor Heatech? Considering how long I have been looking, they sound too good to be true. all the other electric
in-floor radiant heat websites say it's just for "warming the tile"

There are several stings in this forum about failing Tube-hot water systems
installed in the 1990's. Bad product from Goodyear and or the installation companies and yet I have never heard that from anyone on the street. It's just "electric is too expensive...put in the hot water system". How expensive is
it tear out a leaking tube system? I bet some of those people will go all electric after that experience.

Can anyone here give me a real world report?



Isn't most of our electricity generated from petrolium products?

Why would you suppliiment?

We did put one of these systems in a couple of years ago. WHAT A PAIN!
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