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Electric Floor heat

First let me tackle the cost of using electric floor heat.
Having a heat loss calculation for your home, or the rooms to be heated in this manner is the first priority. Suntouch does this for free.
Second, a basic calculation ca be used to determine approximate cost to operate. If you know how many watts the system uses (Usually 12 watts) multiply the number of square feet to be installed by the number of watts.
This is the amount of power consumed in an hour.
Multiply this number by the number of hours it will be on, (This is where the heat loss calculation is extremely valuable)
Find from your power company, or your bill, what you pay per Kilowatt/Hour (1000 watts= 1 Kilowatt)
There, you will see what it will cost you to run it.
Heat loss is the biggest factor when choosing whether to use electric radiant floor heat as it produces in the range of around 40 BTU/hr.
Hydronic systems are the most practical for whole house heating, and the boiler can be heated with electricity if that is the most economical choice.
The biggest cost with Hydronic is the boiler, pumps and panel. The cost per square foot to install the tubing is comparible to the square foot cost of the electric mats or cables and both can be done by a novice.
I hope this helps!
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