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Quickbooks Payroll

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I am using Quickbooks Pro 2009 with the payroll subscription. It holds my withholdings fine for the payroll, but when it is time to pay my federal and state taxes every month or quarterly it thinks my per diem is taxable. I have per diem under the category other payoll items. Is there a way that I can do this another way without it thinking it is taxable. Please help.
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Maybe you have the wrong Tax Tracking Type selected? It's been a while since I used QB payroll.

There is a sub forum here for accounting software that may get you a better response.
yes, get a CPA to answer whether or not you should count it as taxable income. if you want to change it in payroll so as not to include the amount, simply call the QB Payroll service and ask them to walk you through the change-that what they are there for!
Look under menu items.. List, Payroll Items list.

Set it up as a reimbursement. Be careful to use the IRS published rates or you will subject yourself to special reporting and withholding rules. Also take care when doing this that your WC carrier understands this is a reimbursement, not remuneration. Otherwise, they will claim you owe WC on it.

But, I'm not a CPA and this is just my uninformed opinion, and not worth a plugged nickel.
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