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Have you used the cement shingle panels that have rain grooves that expose the course below like 3-tab shingles?

Hardi Straight Edge Notched Shingle

The only reason I can think why we used them was for a more authentic look, They are a FPITA!!!
No I haven't. This was my first Hardie shingle of any type. I have done different types of cedar shingle and fish scale.

The lumber salesman suggested not using the type you mentioned. He said most installers weren't too happy with them. He pushed these instead. The builder, PM and HO agreed. I just shot them into place.

They came in 12", 8", and 6" widths. The problem with this 12 year old tract home is that the mega-builder/developer had the framers push the gable truss out 1/2" and not sheathe it. Then they originally ran that masonite looking shingle type siding directly on the truss.

I had to sheet the truss, as per Hardie shingle installation instructions (duh), which then meant that the "belly" band (as they call it up here) had to be 1 1/2" rather than 5/4" so that the shingles wouldn't hang too far past said band. Up here we have cedar all the way up to 24' - 2x12 so that's not a problem. We went with cedar because the option of 30' of 8" x 1 1/2" Azek made the lumber salesman laugh too hard. (I still don't know if they make it in that thickness or it would just cost beyond any form of reality)
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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