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Questions about composites

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Just finished a siding job for a woman and she wanted to show me her steps.
She has one concrete step 5' long going into her front door and another going into her back door.She has been painting these yearly and is tired of it.She's 84.
Wants something that will cover the steps and be maintenance free.
I was thinking about boxing them in with some composite boards like Trex.I have only used it on one deck so would like somones opinion on this that has more experience with the material.People around here are still stuck on wood decks.
My fear is how it will hold up sitting on concrete?There is not enough rise between the step and the door to elevate it off the concrete.
TIA for your opinions or any other ideas.This is a small town with only a HD and another chain and one real lumber yard so my choices are limited for materials.
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Thanks Tom.I've been following that thread before this job came up.
My concern is how the composite would hold up sitting on concrete.I know I can get Weathgaurd and Trex in this town.Not sure what else until the real lumberyard opens tomorrow.
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Sorry for the double post.Can't figure out how to delete it.
Figured I may hear from some of you deck guys.
My thinking was to wrap the front and ends of the step with PVC.Put some 1/4" pvc sleepers on top of the step and attach the deck boards.I think I have room for that and still meet code.
What's your opinion.
Question is why did she paint them to begin with? I wouldn't trust composites to stick to concrete and nothing is maintenance free, Composites will fade and mildew.
The concrete steps have been painted for years.That's what old people do to make them look better on the cheap.She's not a contractor ! I'm not trying to get the composite to stick to concrete.I'm going to wrap it and box it in.
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