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Questions about California C-Class Contractors Licenses

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I'm glad I found this forum. I don't currently have a contractor's license in California, but I'm hoping to get a C-class license, specifically: fire protection, electrical, or plumbing and opening a business. I have a few questions I hope a contractor can answer for me...

1. If I hold a contractors C-class specialty class license must I register my employees with the contractors state license board (CSLB), or have them listed on my license? What about someone who works for my company but is not an employee--if they work under me do they have to be registered on file with the CSLB or listed on my license?

2. Workers Compensation Insurance Question: How do insurance companies charge for the different contracting trades (i.e. plumbing, electrical). For example, I would suspect that an employee working in electrical is at a higher risk for injury than someone in plumbing. So how do insurance companies classify and charge for these different specialties?

3. Do I have to list all of my employees on my workman's compensation insurance policy?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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