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Hello everyone! I have several questions that I need help with please!

My husband and I would like to build a new house someday, but we don't know where to start, or how to complete the process.

1. Do you go to an architecht and have plans drawn first, then go get approved for a loan, then what? We have no clue what to do or when to do it.
2. How do you determine a price for the house? Is it based only on the blueprints, or how do you figure in the price for stuff like the cabinets, doors, windows, new appliances, etc.?
3. We picked up one of those '275 Best New Home Design' Magazines in Wal-Mart, and even though we haven't found anything we like, we wondered if that is a legitimate way to get blueprints? Can you order sets of blueprints thru a magazine like that and it be 'OK' for a contractor to use?
4. How do you go about getting supplies for building the house? Is there one person that is in charge of getting the supplies, making sure they are right and ok to use,etc? Like a project manager or someone??????
5. How do you determine how long a project like building a new house should take?

Any advice is greatly appreciated, since I'm sure you can tell, we are so lost about this whole thing.


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First of all when I start a new home, I do all that for the customer, Plans, meeting arch, appraisal, I even help them dealing with thier bank to answer questions.

So most of thats the GC's job, your job is making the decisions on what you want, we do the rest.

Time? I'd say the average house turns key in about three to four months. Custom and custom quality can realy effect that time line.

Also be aware of the quick time lines with low rates. We call them 'slapitups' and thier 'soupkitchen' help. Thier fast for a reason, and thier prime objective is to turn a buck.

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