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i have a job coming up that calls for non shrinking grout.
let me describe what i have hometown chamber of commerce is putting up welcome signs.the signs will be made from limestone slabs,9'Lx7'Hx7"thick.i have to pour the footings for the signs.the plans call for the footers to be 6"longer than the signs and 2 foot wide.there is an 8"x8"channel down the center for the sign to sit in.this will allow for 1/2 gap on each side of the sign to be fill with non shrinking grout.
now for the question.there are four of these signs.our local lumber yard doesnt carry non-shrinking grout,so i will have to special order it.i need to know how much grout to figure.the sign maker told me to order a pallet,but i think that seems a little much.and since i dont have a lot of call for non shrink grout,i dont want to have 20-30 bags sitting around.(lumber yard told me it was about 15.00 a bag.)so anybody have any clues on how much i would need?
thanks in advance guys.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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