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question on best way to proceed with ledger /floor joist repairs

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hi all,

working on a house that the concrete piers on the back side have tilted, and pulled the ledger board and header away from floor joists. this resulted in the floor joists dropping over about a 30 foot span.
so far we have fixed the water drainage issue causing the piers to tilt, we have raised the back side of the home and pulled the ledger and header back into position. the floor joists are now resting on the ledger board, but the joists lack around a half inch in certain spots from flushing up to the header.

the ledger is two 2x8 beams that have been nailed together, with the header being a 2x10 beam sitting on top of one of those ledger beams, like this (side view):

l this is the header. this text is parallel to the floor joists.
ll this is the ledger
lllll this is the concrete pier

the people who built this home didn't use joist hangers; instead, they nailed ONE nail into the outside of the header going into the floor joists...

a couple of questions i need help with:

1. the ledger boards have separated in three spots from one another, up to 3/4 of an inch, probably due to our jacking and pulling in activities. could i use bolts and bolt them back together, or should i sister another 2x8 along their length, and bolt all three together? this would add another 1.5 inches for the joists to rest on, so that seems like a better solution, but not sure. also by doing this, i am thinking maybe the extra board would apply pressure to the concrete piers and allow them to pull back to level.

2. can i use joist hangers on the joists in the areas where it is still pulled away from the header board up to a half inch? there is not sag and the wood is all in good shape. is there a problem with doing any of this?

thanks for the help, i am not a carpenter by trade, my side is electrical, but i have framed out a few buildings in my time and i am very good with the tools needed.
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I should also add- I've never seen a sill plate run vertically, but that's what this home has: (2) 2x8 beams nailed together, sitting on the piers. The floor joists are sitting on one of them and the rim joist is sitting on the other.
Is that normal?
The doubled 2X8 sitting on the piers is a beam. I'm assuming the way the rest was framed was the sole plate of the wall was flush with the outside face of the rim joist, which was flush with the outside face of the beam. The sole plate was nailed down to both the rim joist and the floor joists. This isn't unusual construction.

Yes, everything needs to be pulled back together to their original position. The problem is when everything spread apart, the nails holding it together bent / moved, and now they're keeping it from going back into position easily.
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Thanks for the reply hdavis. This morning I spent some time with my oscillating multi tool. It slices thru bent nails like butter, I was fairly impressed.
I also placed another 2x8x12 pt up on the piers in the crawl space, and bolted it thru the existing sill plate, so now there are three 2x8x12s bolted into one beam for a sill plate. I plan on doing this the entire length of the house, but I work 3rd shift and need to get some rest before kiddos/wife come home.
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