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Question: how to frame a new interior wall to a cathedral ceiling

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Hello Pros,

I have a framing question. I have a little job where I will need to build 2 walls within a finished home to divide a room. I have done some framing but its not my specialty. the existing walls are 8' but the ceiling is not flat but rather a 12' cathedral style. I need to build these two walls to connect each other on the corner and I will be framing a rough opening for a door but the question is I know how to build the wall no problems if it were 8' with flat ceilings but in this case its not that way so what should I do for the gap between the 8' top of the wall and the ceiling at 12' how is this framed so I can make the room look good?


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If done properly there is nothing wrong with building an 8ft wall, or precut ht, and then building a a short wall on top., The benefits are no 12ft studs to handle, and they are more likely to bow or twist, deal with some nice straight pre cuts, then build a nice gable wall on top, no strenth issues, this is an interior non load bearing wall. G, PS even if it was load bearing, NO PROBLEM, ALSO, forget the space up top , bring top plate right up to cieling. The A job is to cut the existing rock away, block out as required, attach top plate, you can also layover the existing sheetrock, but if you are between bays , not such a good idea. G
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