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question for the guys that are doing coatings

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Do you all use services like Paint BidTracker from the PaintSquare web site?
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Bulldog, I was a sales / estimator for an industrial coatings firm that did a fair amount of blasting as well and I got alot better results from Blue Book as far as getting leads and having GC's solicit work. When I worked for a Paint Manufacture, we had signed up with Paint Square, it seemed to be more public type of work than private. My Current employer is using Construction Journal, not bad, not great They all are failry expensive. They all offer a "free" trial period. I gues it really boils down to what you want to get out of it and making sure you use it to YOUR benefit, otherwise it's like throwing money out the window. Good luck, hope that helps

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Thanks for the info, I was not sure about these services.
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