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Question: Age of supplies

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Let me give you guys an idea of how I go through my supplies.

My paint brushes are used for 6 months, then I usually cycle them out for new ones. I use one roller for each application of a job, then toss it. I used to clean my rollers out with my fancy brush and roller spinner, and max the life out of them. But I wanted the best application with my rollers and I like to do my little part to keep the economy going by buying new supplies on a regular basis.

Now, I know a old and grumpy painter who is proud to say, that he has rollers and brushes that are over 10 years old, and still uses them. (And it shows in his work from what I've seen. His rolled walls sometimes look like he used a mop to apply the paint).
He off course thinks that it's a crock to spend money a couple of times a year on supplies and that it in no way helps the economy (wrong of course).

What are the lifetimes of your guys' products? Are there a few of you out there with some 10 year old rollers and brushes? :confused:
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My brushes last a year or two, depending on the jobs they have seen. I buy them by the case. Wooster Super Pro/Badger 3" for latex, Wooster Platinum for oils or stains.

My rollers last several months, I use 100% lambswool or wooster 50/50 blend. After they are pretty much shot, they become primer rollers, or even after that, wallpaper adhesive appliers.

I try not to buy them until I have to, or I'd be spending a couple hundred bucks more a year than I do now.
I have found that buying the best brushes and taking care of them is the most economical (comes from my father), brushes last me for years.
Rollers are factored into the job cost and are considered throwaways.
Brushes get better with age, roller covers don't.
I also factor brushes/rollers into the cost of each job too, it just adds a little more piece of the profit pie if new ones aren't needed yet.
That is what I do also...
I factor the cost of rollers and tape into each job.
On a standard interior with colored walls and flat white ceilings, I'll go through one 18" roller and two to three 9" rollers depending on whether there is a primer coat.
I might have to switch to wooster brushes Pro. I've been using Shermin Williams Contractor's Series brushes, and I usually only get 6-8 months out of them.
Might as well, every roller from 3" to 18" is woosters and all the roller sleeves are too.

But let me ask you this Pro. Where do you get Wooster brushes buy the case? Lowe's is a supplier of wooster products, yet the location here doesn't sell buy the case.
Lowes and HD have repeatedly denied me any deals on bulk purchases of anything. I get mine from my local mom & pop Benjamin Moore dealer. He sells wooster brushes, and everytime he orders more, he checks if I'm ready for more too. I only get about 17% off my regular contractors price per brush, but I'd rather see my $$$ go to a local guy supporting his family than to the corporate chumps at Lowes or HD anyways.

Also I'm currently test driving some Ben Moore contractors Series brushes at the expense of my supplier. He gave me 5 free to see how I like them, and after a little research, I found that Wooster makes them and they are branded by B.M.

A couple guys that work for me only use Purdy brushes. I always thought they were too limp feeling. It just depends on what feels good to you, and gives you good results.
Pro, congrats on using the mom and pop guy's, I do too. I think that you get much better service from someone in the business than from some guy in a box store that only knows what he's been told. The independents rely on feedback to stay in business.
I like Purdy brushes and the ones from MAB, personal preference.
That is my one problem pro...
The mom&pops here all closed.
So now Im forced to goto Lowes for my wooster gear.
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