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Question about Licence and Certification

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Hello all, First post. Hopefully this is in the correct spot.

I work as a handyman near Cleveland Ohio and I've had customers ask me to do minor electrical repair before. I usually refer them to a friend who's a licensed electrical contractor, but I'd like to do a few of these jobs myself. I'm talking about swapping out a wall switch or installing a GFS where a regular plug used to be. I had a customer ask me to install a dimmer switch once that I referred to my buddy, but this is the type of work I'm looking to do. Installing boxes and running the right wire aren't jobs that I can handle, or want to try.

My buddy tells me that there's a certification that would allow me to do minor electrical work, but every google search I try just comes back with information on a full electrical licence.

Is there some middle ground certification or am I allowed to swap simple electric without a licence at all?