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Question about insurances

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Hi guys!
Hey, I have a few questions for anyone that can help. I realize that Insurance rates vary by trade, state, and other detailed info, BUT
what I'm trying to determine are the CHEAPEST worker's comp. and liability insurers out there.

I'm surprised that I'm not seeing this category on the main forum categories! It's one of the most important to the contractor's biz.

I just want a bunch of opinions on prices and Insurance company names so I can have a knowledge base to start from.

I'm a general purpose Res and Com renovation contractor. We largely do single family but I have an opportunity to bid and get an apartment complex renovation ( 40 unit).

I REALLY wish that SOME Insurance provider would offer some kind of SHORT TERM ( like 3 to 6 month) worker's comp and liability policy. I doubt there is one out there. ( beings as they want all the MONEY they can take from us )

We normally take the risk ( which is fairly low on most of the work we do ...and I KNOW that many of you would frown on this for somewhat obvious reasons ...but I like to have food on the table)
BUT, if I take this apartment job I'm going to be ( of course) required to have the insurances. It may take us 3 months to complete the ENTIRE job and then I'm probably going to back to single family ( YAWNNN ) work where I really don't always need W.C coverage because I use a family member or two on THAT work.

Long story short...I need coverage for about 3 months. If I have to pay for a whole year than most of my premium money is almost
See where I'm coming from here? I KNOW I'm not alone in this problem.
Any advice or leads would be helpful so please HELP !!! I have to have my ducks in a row on this QUICKLY ! Thanks guys !
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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