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Question about Autodesk Autocad

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Due to me being a student (online/distance learning), I have an opportunity to purchase Autodesk AutoCAD Design Suite Ultimate 2014 for $149.99. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $11,495.00.

I have very limited exposure to using software like this (none whatsoever with Autodesk), but I plan on eventually working my way into a design/build firm (Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise). I also fully realize that a program such as Autodesk has a definite learning curve to it, ergo, I want to find out if this program is worth the effort that it will take to learn it (of which I'm certainly willing to put in). If not, anyone got any better suggestions/recommendations?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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You get the whole suite for about three years and it has a watermark on it that states something like "This is from an Autodesk Student version" or some such.

That is usually around the perimeter of the paper space layout. I find that you can use some of the free AutoDesk clones like DraftSite and get rid of the watermark.

AutoDesk is the 800 lb. gorilla of cad programs so you can't go wrong learning it.

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No worries, I just used it (DraftSite) to open some Autodesk student edition plans, then re-saved it in DraftSite as a DWG (AutoDesk) plan and it got rid of the watermarks.

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