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Question about a tailpiece fitting

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Not a plumber by trade, so please cut me some slack.

What is the standard thread size for a sink strainer under the counter?
Is there a fitting that is threaded female on one size and smooth female on the others that I can glue in schedule 40 PVC?

Machine Pipe Gas Metal

I want to replace the metal tailpiece but want to use a fitting that will allow me to connect to all schedule 40 p trap avoiding the thinner walled PVC tailpieces. I can't seem to find one that will thread right on to the sink strainer thread at HD.

Any input is appreciated.
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Basically the one in the picture below with the correct thread size. Font
The strainer is 1½" pipe thread, but it is not tapered like a normal pipe thread because it is not designed to be used as a pipe thread. You can get commercial strainers that have a tapered thread on them, nice heavy brass ones, you will pay for them though.
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Not sure why you would want to get rid of the metal pipe or what you are ultimately after, but here's a way to get close to what it sounds like you want.

Go get a glue on 1 1/2" trap adapter. Leave the metal, but cut it off to about two inches and then build your PVC P-trap and whatever else.

Text Line Font Screenshot Diagram
You want to replace a metal tail piece...but avoid a thin walled plastic tail piece.

Solution, keep the metal one.
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