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Always treat an online service provider as if you where the home owner and they are the contractor.
As a homeowner, would you pay for your service up front?
Ask these questions on your first phone call
• How long has you business been in business?
• Is your company registered with the online BBB?
• What is your guarantee?
• Can you send me a contract?
Now read the contract, as a homeowner, would you just sign you life away?
Ask these questions on your second phone call, I like to bait them
• How does your company receive its leads?
• Does your company buy leads?
•Does your company sell its leads to other online lead providers?
• How does your company have quality control on sending leads to contactors?
• Does your company put a cap on how many contractors will be in their system in my area?
• I have read your contract and what you are telling me and what’s on the contract are two different things.
Can you adjust the contract to exactly what we talked about?
They will always tell you those parts of the contract do not pertain to you!!!!!
What bull crap, if it’s in the contract and you sign it, it has a direct effect on you!!!!

I did some research on your company and I found a lot of complaints
• I have read some of those complaints and it seems you company does not honor its guaranty?

I’m kind of nerves doing business with a company with so many complaints
What can you do for me to reassure that I will not get screwed?
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