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PVC or Painted Coil?

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What's everyone's opinion about PVC or Vinyl Coated Aluminum Coil Stock.
Seems everywhere I look now only painted coil is being used. Did PVC fall out of favors?
IMO the painted coil looks better but the PVC coated holds up and doesn't scratch like the painted coil.
Price never was much of a factor.
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I prefer the appearance of PVC coil, but the painted coil bends cleaner for a sharper appearance. I like vinyl coil for Z-flashings on decks although that may not be much of a factor with the new treatment process.:thumbsup:
i use both but i find the grain on the PVC distracting sometimes,i wish they had a brushed finish
I like painted for hems just because it doesn't break like PVC does. Otherwise I prefer the PVC, mainly because it is wood grain finish.
They still make painted? I have only used vinyl coated.

The vinyl coated breaks doing hems? I have never had a problem..are you talking the actual vinyl coil, not aluminum?
We have been using vinyl almost exclusively for the last 10 years or more. Some exceptions due to color (black and dark brown) and sometimes for the budget. We just did a student housing building at Case Western Reserve University and the $10+ difference per roll came into play. While aluminum is a tad easier to work with, the benefits of the vinyl more than make up for it in my opinion.
The PVC coating itself breaks sometimes, not the aluminum, but yes this is using PVC coated aluminum.

I haven't ever seen vinyl coil before.
We use both, not on the same jobs. Painted for most new low-end construction and PVC on existing or high-end homes. The painted does tend to scratch much more easily but it can almost always be cleaned up again with a little WD-40. It also takes paint well and is often painted when used to wrap windows in the foundation. The only time the PVC has ever had the cracking on the hem issue is when it is very cold, as long as the metal is kept warm just before use this is not a problem. I use only smooth painted when make a 4x4 post a column(series of 3/4" z bends and wrap around post, staple in the over-lap seam, paint staples).
I don't like textured coil from the day it appeared. It feels thinner and has problems with delamination. Textured coil is just another way for the manufacturer to make something for less and sell it for more. Alcoa and Napco smooth coil has always been my favorites.
I personally prefer the pvc coated. I feel it is better looking, more durable, and far more scratch resistant.
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