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I'm a carpenter not a plumber, so please be patient...

I have been working on this house for about three years now. It's a complete remodel inside and out...down to the studs and back again.

We finally got to the rough in plumbing, and the homeowner hired a jack leg plumber. I was not impressed with what I saw above the floor level, and I let her know. She persisted with this guy, so I bit my tongue. I had to run some wiring under the house recently and got a look at all that mess.

It's all pvc/cpvc. I'm not crazy about that, but OK. I recommended PEX, but OK, whatever. The issues I am concerned about are the fact that he ran the pipe on the ground instead of strapping it to the joists. Additionally, when he had to go over some duct work or other obstruction, he just flexed the pipe and went on instead of using the appropriate elbows/fittings. Is this acceptable? Being a carpenter, I am conditioned to thing in terms of square, plumb, level, etc. Am I just being too picky because it looks sloppy?

Unfortunately, we are out of the city limits and not under the jurisdiction of a building inspector, otherwise, I would defer to him/her.

Any and all comments from the plumbing gurus will be appreciated.



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