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pvc adhesion when wet?

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I am in a situation where there is a roof drain that uses a PVC pipe to carry water to a downspout. This pvc pipe is a major problem.

A sub of mine disconnected the pvc from the galvanized downspout to replace the downspout, and when he replaced the downspout he claims the former pvp pipe was never adhered.

Anyways to make a long story short. I need to adhere an pvc elbow to a a pvc pipe but the problem is the pipe is always wet. Will this make much of a difference?
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The glue won't 'stick' if that's what you mean by problem. The bond is actually a chemical weld. Do you think that the pipe will ever see much pressure? If not, you could push the two pieces together as tightly as possible using acetone for a lubricant (it will soften the surface of the pipe) then seal the gap with glue.
Or go to a waterproof epoxy available at marine stores.
zero pressure. I was thinking of using the pvc primer/cement combo that plumbers typically use.

Maybe some type of water proof epoxy is the way to go.

It is unfortunate, but the responsibility has become mine. I get alot of excuses from my sub. Now I gotta spend a day redoing what he did, but that's the name of the game.
That's a new on on me but it has been filed for future use. Thanks Pipe. I run into this problem too.
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