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Protecting concrete curb from freezing

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Hey everyone,
Trying to get approx. 5000 of of curb poured next week, but the weather doesn't look good at night. Few rental companies in the area have a few blankets but at 25' long would take a lot more than they have and at $5-10 per day gets pricy. Anyone have any ideas. Sub says they don't protect from freezing they just pour curb. Thanks for any help!
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Find a farm and buy straw

Then find a way to get rid of it when done
How many feet are they going to do each day?

Blanket, or as Chris said, straw it. It's not "really" cold next week. It would probably be fine just covering it to keep the wind off.

I could loan you a few blankets.....but I don't have "that" many....
I'd just get 2% accelerated and Polly it when done.
It is going to be below 30 at night next week & the European weather model is calling for snow on Tue. You will be fine if you get your initial set before it gets to 32 deg. We have already had a few cold nights already & our next day breaks are still up, but we have started using hot water already. We are pouring in Westminster this week.
Thanks everyone, looks like it worked out and got everything poured Thursday-sat Little later then we wanted, but weather cooperated for a few days. Blankets were going to be first choice, but our sub pours 1000-2000 feet per day and finding that many is almost impossible. Straw was second, but like you said he'll of a mess with that much footage. Just wanted to see if I was missing something easier.

Hope everyone is staying busy, good luck through the winter. Let's hope the heavy snow predictions are wrong.
What's the temperature outside? The concrete company will usually know the right mix for whatever the temperature is. You can combine hot water, accelerators, and type three cement if it's really cold.
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