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Proposal... Responsibility?

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I'm putting together an estimate for replacement of nearly 800 windows. I walked about 20 buildings in a sub division counting the windows. This is such a large quantity of windows I am contimplating how to word the proposal to limit my responsibility of quantity.

What I mean is if I missed a few windows, I don't want to be at fault :) I was thinking of presenting my proposal with a per window price and a estimated number of total windows. What are your thoughts?
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Well Grump,
That sounds like a lot of work in the est. phase. I'm south of you in Vandalia IL. if there was some work in it for me I'd be glade to try and help you put something together. Otherwise all I can offer is advice, advice that you already realize I'm sure, be CAREFUL. A small mistake at 800 units can be very damaging to your wallet. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you.
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