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I have a 500 gal above ground propane tank that's currently only connected to a backup generator that is 20' away. I will eventually be replacing the above ground line with a 1000 gal underground. I'm beginning the building of a house and need to run stub outs for water, sewer, elec and propane.

I'm in the country in AR so I don't have any inspections but I'd like to do the project safely of course. Here are a few questions:

- What size line should I run?
- Distance is 125 feet.
- Instant water heater (2000 sq ft, family of 4)
- 6 burner gas stove
- Gas central HVAC

- What is the proper line to use for underground?
- What is the proper distance from the propane line to the other utilities? (I'm guessing elec is the most important)

I'll have all of the connections done professionally but I'd like to run the lines myself.

Thank you in advance for the help!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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