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Programs for spread sheets and........

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What kind of programs are you all running for job spread sheets, organizing bids given, active jobs...alla that kinda stuff?

I'm overwelmed with paperwork & need to find ways to cut out the paperwork in the office.

The most user friendly programs are needed for me cause I'm not the most tech savy guy around.
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I don't know about the rest of it but for spreadsheets I would check out Calc from It's a free open source alternative to Excel that's is pretty danged good.

They also offer open source versions of pretty much everything else in the office suite. They can also open .doc and .xls files which works perfectly 99% of the time in my experience.

Of course if you already own MS office, ignore me.
OpenOffice(similar to Excel and Word) for estimates, lead tracking, proposals and contracts.

Quickbooks Pro for bookkeeping.

I use Google Calendar and to manage scheduling and to-do tasks.

Store everything in a Dropbox folder so you can access it anywhere.
Thanks guys.

Are those programs easy to learn even for an old fart?
Thanks guys.

Are those programs easy to learn even for an old fart?
I haven't found age to be a determining factor when teaching adults how to use programs. If you're mathematically inclined then spreadsheets are pretty easy to grasp. If you understand accounting then it's pretty easy to use Quickbooks. Programs just take a lot of the manual labor out of the process.

Best case scenario would be to have someone who already knows the program set it up with you using your criteria so you won't be trying to learn a program while also trying to redesign your system.
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