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Professional Painting quote form?

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I am looking into submitting quotes for different projects. Is there a proper way of submitting these quotes? Are there any samples available that are "successful"? What else do you include when submitting a quote?
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I borrowed the skills of a college kid and used excel to do mine...

On it, top lEft is my full name, address
Top right is both phone numbers

Down a smidge, centered s my companies name
Directly below that, centered, is the general services we offer.

Then, using 'cells' (an MS Word term) I have boxes for name, address, phone number, job location, address, date.

Below that is an area for my proposal... Then at th bottom pay schedule, customer signature, down payment/final payment and some basic clauses...

It's a two part contract, white and yellow... I keep the white copy, they get the yellow copy. I found out that by the end of the year you can't really read th yellow copy too well. So now for book work I keep the white copy :thumbsup:
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