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Problem with finishing pads

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I only do a wood floor or 2 a year but have been for 15 years or so. I have had small amounts of bristles come off the pads as I am applying poly but only one here and there. I have now had to sand off most of 3 coats of waterborne poly because of these little bristles comming off in mass. Shurline has admitted they have a problem and have told me they will compensate me however I have not heard a word in a week. They also told me that the Ace line is made in the same place (China) but they have not had a problem with them. Well as of today they do!. And so does Rubberset, whom told me today on the phone that their pads are probably made by the same place.

What a waste of time, money and effort when you get part way through a floor finish coat and these things start to fall out.

Has anyone had on this site had problems with applicators? And what types do you use?
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We use lambwool for floors.
Not that we do alot of them, just a couple here and there for long-time customers.

start by using a poly for floors (polo plaz,or woodline from bona kemi)that is made for rolling use a 3/8" wooster roller cover, and a china bristle brush to cut in. you will not get a better finish.justin

sorry i just read your post again and your using watwer based poly- go to for water based application pads.justin
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