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Probably hanging it up

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Well, I'm really thinking about giving up blasting. A friend of mine who has his own business (who had me blast a few trailers for him) has offered to buy my stuff. I have a 40 hour a week job in IT that I do OK at. I can't do blasting at the drop of a hat and most people want it done through the week and can't wait or don't want to wait until a Saturday. Till I'd get insurance (no, I never had it) and bought my own compressor, I'd be in the hole pretty far. Having to rent a compressor every time has kept me out of a few smaller jobs.

I got into it because I had done it between high school and college, knew how to do it and thought there was money to be made. I still think there is money to be made, but more for guys who go full time all the time, which I don't have the resources to dedicate to that.

I did have an idea though. I have a friend of mine who does pressure washing and car detailing. I thought about a "joint" venture with him where he does all the hauling, running, blasting, etc. and I just take a small cut or help out when I can and go from there. The equipment is pretty expensive, but if I supply it for him, he's got the time.

Let me know your thoughts. If you think I should sell and get out all together, follow the link at the bottom and look at my pics. Tell me what you think my setup would be worth.
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hang in there

Gran, Why not post your stuff on here and see if another blaster may be interested....I think you should stick it out and don't let the customers dick-tate when and where..but that's just my opinion. I am actually in your same situation, but actually just getting it up and running with my son,on the side of my "day" job for now......I would be interested in getting a list of everything you have if your buddy does not take it all. Good Luck.

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Sorry to hear it, just my 2 cents but if the equipment is paid for I would either keep it in storage or rent it out to your friend but don't sell it. A few grand is hardly worth the potential to make a grand or two on a weekend when a cool job comes up, its freedom to pick and choose your jobs really. I started the pressure washing end of my business about 5 years ago and had a similar situation to yours, we paid 20k for the truck and washer, small loan paid in full then thought about selling. Decided to keep it and plug away on small jobs when and where we wanted, it worked real well until we decided to roll full time into blasting. Keep the equipment, its worth more in potential then immediate dollars.
Great take on it Blastpro. I agree with keeping it. You never know when you may loose employment these days and that may be what gets you through if it ever happened.
keep it...

I agree with all - keep your equipment, work on the weekends and evenings when you can - you make the times of employment - you're sure to make more than the quick sell over time. You got the blasters for a steal! hold on to them...
Grand, keep the equipment....We have talked a few times and I am in the same boat you are but own a compressor. You searched until you found a good deal on the blasting equipment now search for a compressor. I don't do a lot of work.. A few trailers, some graffiti removal, and a few car frames a year. I'm not making thousands but it has paid for my equipment and when someone needs something blasted, IM THE MAN.... All you need for what you are doing is a 185cfm compressor. That's what I run, it may not be the most productive, but I GET IT DONE (panderson) and make a profit. Insurance??? Never had it either. If I look at a job and if I feel I cant do it without screwing something up, I don't do it. Unless they sign a clause releasing liability. The money I am making right now is pretty much my play money. My other job pays the bills. I have considered selling my stuff but have decided not to. Its that one phone call that makes the difference. Have you advertised yet? Get some business cards out!! I put them in every Liquor store, Barber Shop, CO-OP's hand delivered to junk yards, all of the Auto Parts stores in town, on those boards in
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Wow, I didn't expect to hear EVERYONE tell me to keep it. I guess I had thought about selling because when I bought mine, I mentioned to my father how good of a deal it was and he purchased an identical set of what I did and said I could use his stuff, but that's not really fair to him I guess. The guy was upgrading all of his stuff and he sold 5 of his pots and I got 2. I did get a heck of a deal. I guess I get a little discouraged when someone wants me to do a small job and right off the bat, I have to start over $100 due to renting a compressor and then deal with running to get the compressor and making sure it's back in time. I thought I got lucky and found one I could borrow from a family friend, but it turned out to be a wash as it couldn't keep pressure. If I had my own compressor, or could share one with someone I think it'd be lucrative. I guess I'll hang in there for now.
pick and choose grand, pick and choose. dont do the small jobs, set a limit and if the work doesn't look like its something you want to do then pass. Goodluck.
I found 2 leroi 185 air compressors in the mid 70's from a local cunstruction company that had upgrade to new for tax reasons. I got each for $500.
Changed the oil filters and put the right oil for the compressors and they both run great. The up keep on them was excelent.

It took over a year of pooking around shops and construction companys, but the pay off was good!

Try looking into Rent to own, get the word out that your shopping for one.
some times if you rent for a year lease it may be cheep as heck??

Till then keep blasting on the weekends and blast for the ones who want to wait for you. the rest will come back at some time.
Get your own compressor and those small jobs will be profitable.
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