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Printing Word Docs From Cell Phone?

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I'm wondering if it's possible to print MS Word documents to a mobile printer (via Bluetooth?) while maintaining the correct format and layout of the document.

Here's the reason: My dad gives proposals while out in the field, but he cannot type fast enough. The idea is for him to go to his truck, call me here at the office and dictate what needs to be written to me while I type the proposal then email it to him for him to print in his truck.

I've looked into wireless cards for laptops but really just not wanting to commit to that type of cost ($60/month?) right now. It would need to maintain the same page layout because of our letterhead and such which is on the document. So if this is possible, what phones could manage this?

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Whats the hurry?
I have to take time to pull quotes together.
What kind of work?
He likes to give proposals before leaving the customer's home. We deal mainly in siding, windows, gutter, painting, shutters and general carpentry.

I think that the laptop/netbook and wireless card would be the best bet for you, if don't already have a phone capable of doing what you need.
The cost difference isn't that much and you will have greater versatility such as showing pictures of jobs and products.
Thanks for the quick replies. He's been wanting to upgrade to a smartphone anyway, so I figured this way it would just be a matter of choosing the right phone for the task. I'll look into the netbook option, but if I know him, he won't be on board with the cost of a wireless card.
This is interesting. I am considering a similar situation.

Basically, I'd like to print from my phone via bluetooth to a printer. Here's what I've done and where I'm at:

Just bought a new Android (Google) phone. I ditched the Windows phone (nothing like having you home computer AND cell phone crash daily :rolleyes:). Since it's a Google phone, it's very easy to use anything else Google. So I am converting my old Excel files to Google Docs. I hope to have a receipt template in GD that I can customize right from my phone. If I get a bluetooth compatible printer and plug it into the truck's inverter, technically I should be able to print receipts on site.

I have yet to look into the printer thing yet but I will be doing a lot of doc conversion after Xmas. I have browsed the Google Docs templates available and looks like much of the hard work is already done for me.

We'll see :whistling
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I like this Google Docs idea. I just opened one of the proposal sheets as Google Doc and it altered the layout a little bit, but perhaps it's something I can work with.

Thanks for the input
I love Google Docs, you can access your docs anywhere, share docs with others who can make changes to the original. no more emailing revisions back and forth.
There are tons of templates, unless you create the document in Google Docs (there is a spreadsheet option) there will be some format changes.
You might look at a Google Template, he could just add the numbers in and print himself, or you could both be viewing and editing at same time.

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