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I currently hang and finish drywall. I have done complete remodels in the past and am very proficient at finish carpentry. My question is; How do I bid finish carpentry and trim work for new construction? I need a reliable source without having to contact local contractors and asking the going price.
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Don't forget all of the 'other' expenses. Your time putting the est. together. Bookeeping, tax prep, Insurance costs, Workers Comp, vehicle ins., vehicle depreciation, wear and tear on tools, etc., ad infinitum.
If you are good never sell yourself short, the people that you are working for are, most likley, business people as well. Start to expain your situation and they will understand and sympathize. Failing that, walk. And expect a phone call in a day or two when they realize all of the weasels that they are up against.
Simple key to success.
Be on time! I often know where I am going, driven past the house 20 mins. before our meeting. I'll park down the street and have coffee then show up about 2-3 mins. early.
Be clean, smell good, be well dressed.
Be polite. Manners count for everything.
Practice verbage. People with money are, generally, educated. If you hm and haw or use a lot of uhs, you have lost their respect and confidence. Know what you are talking about!
Most intelligent buyers are not looking for the lowest bid, they are looking in the middle. Put yourself in the middle and sell you.
Let every man do his job.
Well done!
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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