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Pricing something different for me.

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I have to price out something I don't normally do and was looking for help.Ususally do new construction and high end repaints. But I have to bid an interior repaint that the customer just want ceilings and walls sprayed white, windows recaulked, trim and doors re-preped where needed and painted. Flooring is in and will need to be protected, same with lighting and cabinets. No furniture. I think my normal repaint price will be way to high. Located in SW Florida. What do you guys think?
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Sorry for not reading thru things. I withdraw my question.
And thanks for the wack on the head! This looks like an interesting forum
so I will continue to participate and yes I will follow the rules!
Sorry again...have a great Sunday everyone!
Good answer, welcome to the forums. You'll find a lot of stuff using the search function.


P.S. Post a thread here.... and fill out your profile, you'll get a lot further.
If you haven't checked out PaintTalk yet, you might want to take a look (same posting advice for over there too)....
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