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How much are you guys paying for fasteners in your area?

I went to the local yard that I do the majority of my business with this morning and the counter guy gave me this flyer. It’s still cheaper than anyone else in town, but I think it’s a little on the expensive side. Basically a 15-20% increase across the board.

The following price increases will take place June 1, 2014. This increase applies to fasteners only. Price reflects 15% contractor discount, no further discounts will be given.

Drywall screws : all sizes $4.10/pound $110.00/50 pound
Deck screws: all sizes $4.90/pound $135.00/50 pound
Common nails all sizes $3.50/pound $90.00/50 pound
Deck nails all sizes $3.90/pound $100.00/50 pound
Ring shank nails all sizes $4.00/pound $105.00/50 pound
Finish nails all sizes $3.50/pound $90.00/50 pound
Spikes 8” $0.25 each
10” $0.40 each
12” $0.55 each

Collated nails by GripRite

Roofing all sizes $80.00
Framing all sizes Paper $62.50
Plastic $75.00
Wire Weld $92.00

Galvanized all sizes Paper $80.00
Plastic $92.00
Wire Weld $128.50

Framing – coil all sizes $138.00

Pneumatic finish 23 ga all sizes $17.50
18 ga all sizes $22.00
16 ga all sizes $28.50
15 ga all sizes $35.00
18 staple all sizes $44.00
16 staple all sizes $60.00

Flooring cleats $28.00
Staples $38.00
T –nail $32.00

Paslode Fuel Finish $16.00
Framing $22.00

Stanley/Arrow T55 all sizes $4.80

Tapcons up to 3 ¼” $38.00/box
Over 3 ¼” $40.00/box

As of June 1 we will no longer be selling powder actuated fasteners or equipment.

As of June 1 we will no longer be selling Bostitch collated nails.

Any item not listed on this sheet will not be affected by June 1 price increase.


Nail Driving Fool
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Framing coil.
Just paid 29$ a box for 4500 count 3 1/4 coil
Just paid 31$ for 9000count 2 1/4 coil
Last skid of strip nails was 16.-- a box got 2500 count boxes.
The collated nail prices are crazy. I don't know who is buying them at that price.

For collated nails I take a drive about 22 miles up the road to a little hole in the wall place.

Can buy Bostitch wire weld for $28 a box. :eek:

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Those prices are crazy comparew to what we paay in Minnesota. I try to stock up on nailsnwhen I find sales / closeouts. Collated nails for a Paslode / Hitachi type nailers go in the 40 dollar range for a box of 2500 3" nails. Low to mid 30's on sale.

I never buy at the lumber yards, typically nailmsupply houses or big boxes when they need have a sale.
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