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Bruno- there are MANY potential customers out there who "perceive value" in a multitude of things other than the actual workmanship.

Can a contractor meet the timetable, does the contractors work force scare the house wife?, do the employees look like they are on work release from the drunk tank?, can the contractor supply almost impossible to locate materials?, did the contractor make all the sales/estimating appointments perfectly on time?, does the contractor have a reputation for destroying the lawn? is the customer afraid to even let the subs/employees in the house?
this will apply in MANY areas of life

Haven't you ever seen a girl who is super hot- just really flips your switch to the "ON" position- but objectively isn't as pretty as the girl standing next to her?- the "hot girl" has something else that makes her a MUCH more desirable item?

also- once you have reached the point where you have no problem filling your days with an honest days work for an honest days pay- how do you determine who is "worthy " of your efforts ?- interest in the specific project is one way----- money to be earned additionally is another-and that money goes a loooooooong way to paying for all those things the UK Carpenter mentioned.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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