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Have Trowel, Do travel
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value is value,
To me "perceived value", is like putting lipstick on a pig,
its still a pig.
The only reason IMO that people charge more for the same thing is, They wanna make more money, Thats it.
I think I am damn good at what I do and I can stand up to anyone that charges double, or triple.
Because they have an Ipod/phone and clean cloths and a new truck every year, does not make your perceived value more than anyone elses.
The Lipstick on a pig thing.
An honest days wages for an honest job seems to not apply anymore.
rake in as much as you can and bad mouth anyone thats does an honest wage tells me alot about the company.
Its strange that in one thread everybody deserves the most bang for the buck, and when it comes to tools, you look for the cheapest place you can and that makes ya feel good, who cares what they pay the employees.

When its their money, the only right choice is the highest, when its YOUR money,
anywhere you can save a buck.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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