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prewire sales

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I am wondering how to sale a prewire and install to contractors. How much should I charge and how much does an alarm system being in a house raise the value of the house? Also what should I tell the contractor and realtor on how this would benefit them on getting the house sold. The one contractor I have talked to told me he liked the idea but dosnt want to get too much cost in the house and would like to just have the realtor mention it to the buyer. Of course I think having the system in the house is better when the buyer moves in because then they have it there to look at and would want it to work and then be inclined to call me and activate it. I would like some techniques or ideas on wording or even some statistics. Thank you.
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Pre-wire, for alarms!? Are you kidding? You've got to do a lot more than that.

Pre-wiring for alarms isn't even included with the standards in houses here anymore. Builders won't pay for it now that they know HO's can get wireless alarm systems installed.

Branch out. Low-voltage is a lot more than alarms. TV, telephone, video, CCTV, distributed audio and video, home theatre, universal remotes, home automation, card access.. and that's just what I did last week! (well no card access)

Learn learn learn and that way you can sell more.. Get them to call you for one thing and that's your wedge to sell them more things that maybe they didn't know you do.

I did a home theatre set up today.. By the time I was done I had installed an extra 3 phone jacks, 2 cable hookups, programmed his remote, and we started talking about adding a front door camera.
just tell them it's tree fiddy and they'll line right up
Prewiring the basics

It sure does seem that builders are just allowing the basic LV for now..
Multiply the minimum amount of small appliance circuits required for a residential kitchen by the amperage they should be, then multiply that result by 10 and deduct fiddy.:thumbsup:

I have been working on a much longer formula that involves almost all the trades, but it's not quite finished.
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