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Prevailing Wage Job, What would you charge?

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Hi everyone, am looking at a good size prevailing wage job & was wondering what others may have knowledge on hourly going rate to charge. Journeymen painters will cost us approx. $64.00 an hour. have not done prevailing wage job in years but I do know that the paperwork, safety meetings, etc. will be a burden of hours & loss of production I need to figure in! Also, on a square foot price on new drywall, I usually figure at right around .75 sf. With painters making more than double in wages (production rate will be the same as if making $20 hr) what is a competitive price I should be at? Thanks
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You currently pay $20 per hour before any overhead and markups? That is what you pay your painter?

And $64 is what you will pay a painter before any overhead or markup?

How much do you currently charge per manhour with all markups?
Pay some guys $20 hr before overhead figured in(which runs about $11 - $12 an hour. The $64 is what it will cost me an hour (w/overhead). Just talked to drywall contractor & his last prevailing wage job he charged around $90 hr.
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