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Prefinished hardwood floors is it ok to spline in the middle of the room.

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I was wondering if it is ok to start in the middle of a room and spline back the other direction after one side is done. Im doing it this way because it is an insurance job and i need to fit around fire place trim. Planning on putting wood glue in the tongue and grove for strength thank you.
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I had a flooring installer tell me that you can't start a floor off of an interior wall, that it has to start off of an exterior. The problem is, the longest exterior wall was 15' long and it was run toward a 42' long interior wall, around a circular stairwell too. Needless to say, by the time they made it to the wall, it ran from a full board at one end, to 1 3/4 at the other. Also had a couple buckles in it from working around the stairwell. After arguing with the installer and the flooring supplier who hired them, they basically installed the floor for free. I wanted it ripped out, but the HO was willing to take the discount.
After it was all over, the installation manager said that the reason it was done that way was because they don't like to slip-spline engineered flooring. Even though they had to do it around the stairway anyhow.:furious:
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