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preferred fastener for Tigerwood

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Bidding on a 312sf porch and 180sf deck. Client wants Tigerwood t&g in the porch and decking on the deck. He has specific interest in Deckmaster hidden fasteners. Any opinions?

Also, I know many prefer screws and plugs to hidden fasteners. Are you cutting your own plugs or should I be asking the supplier for them?

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I don't know of any supplier selling tigerwood plugs, you're probably going to have to make those. Choose boards that are well dried out for making plugs.

Never could understand anyone using those deckmasters, especially with a hardwood. If you want to use a hidden fastener think extreme ipe clip or tigerclaw clips, but why would you need those with t&g?

never tried 'em, but here they are available.

I would say that tigerwood plugs will not hide the fact that the fastener is there because Tigerwood has so much variation.
thanks for the site


never tried 'em, but here they are available.

I would say that tigerwood plugs will not hide the fact that the fastener is there because Tigerwood has so much variation.
Thanks for responding. I think I wasn't clear in my effor to be brief. Trying again:

1. The Tigerwood choice is causing concern with my local lumber yard -- he'll want a waiver signed because his suppliers tell him that T&G Tigerwood will cup or warp over time, no matter how you attach it. What do you think? Would 1x4 be less susceptible than 1x6?

2. The T&G in the porch will be secured by a staple in the tongue as usual, but do you recommend more, such as glue?

3. My earlier Deckmaster question relates to the decking on the deck -- presumed to be 5/4 x 6 Tigerwood. Client has read that Deckmaster holds better and doesn't have issues like Ipe clips re: breaking or pulling out. Don't know the source of that info. So I'm questiioning the use of hidden fasteners at all on the deck (whereas screws with plugs seem to have earned respect), and then questioning the value of Deckmaster's product. Opinions welcome.

Good point from Btr re: plugs may not match anyway....thanks.

Thanks or any advice.

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If you install outside T&G deckling the same way as an inside floor you will defentley have failure. J.
1. I call BS on that one. Why is tigerwood going to cup or warp no matter how it's installed? My experience says that glued & screwed it is as stable as any other wood decking. What is your lumber co. recommending instead? Are they going to have a waiver signed on that too?

2. I'd use screws & glue on that porch, not just staples.

3. Why fool with deckmasters when they do make clips that will work? I don't care if the deck is low to the ground or a 2nd story deck, it's got to be a pita to install those deckmasters into hardwood. Will the screws go in without pre-drilling or causing splits? Do you like doing overhead work? Your answer to those should tell you whether you want to use deckmasters or not. Personally I perfer to install decking from the top, that alone has kept me from ever considering using the deckmaster system.
While its alot of work, I will only do srcew and plug. I have seen to many failures of Eb-Ty, Ipe Clip, etc. Under roof, where you have less shade to sun cycles, you might be okay, but decks that are subjected to lots of sun seem to pull the clips right out.

One Ipe deck I saw that was done with pregroved material, the tabs were starting to split off the boards on the pre-groved edge.
I have seen exactley that same thing using the clips,not bad in total shade but a gamble in full sun even part of the time.For that look I go T&G for S American lumber. J.
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