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precast cement panels

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i have almost locked down a bid for a contractor regarding cement precast panels..4 stories high.the details are as follows.

total sq ft 9200...
they supply...laborers for cleanup and filling of my blast pot
scaffolding is to be in place and moved around for me

i supply the media and the equipment and the guy behind the nozzle(me)...

the panels are painted and they want the paint stripped so they can start over...they are peeling in spots and they are doing a renovation.

my question is square foot price?i already know what i am thinking but would like some input also the job is to most likely be done at night between 7 and 1am...

one more thing...what media would you use and why.i use soda,starblast and corncob.none of wich would work best for this job i think i should load the skid of black beauty up i have in my shop and use that but....let me know
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I bid one like this once at the mall of America. They had painted pre cast tilt up with an epoxy. The worst part of the job was that they has used epoxy to coat a surface that was rough. The company wanted complete removal back to cement. I had to stage in a parking ramp and run air thousands of feet. I could have my pots on site but only had eight hours a night to work. I did not do the job. This was one of those make it or break it deals. What I could have charged would have made hundreds of thousands. I did not do and I dont regret it. Dont get greedy. The job was just to big. I ned more details about what you will be stripping and we can go from there.

I use Reed minerals in the south. They may have plant in Florida, if they dont I will find you a bulk abrasive supplier. I dont think soda will be your best option in tilt up.
Just want to say be careful bidding 100 percent removal. I've made that mistake more than once.I've done test spots that came out ok then you do the job and it sticks like glue everywhere else. It seems that the depainting jobs (brick, cinderblock) are very tricky, because it will either jump right off, or depending on the paint and porosity of the substrate, it can be very difficult. I would hit it @ 2.75 to 3.00 per sq ft If I felt good about it. I haven't done any smooth concrete though. I know coal slag (Black beauty) is very good for paint removal I've used a lot of it,it does however cut very quickly so you gotta back off until you find just the right distance. If you have a ball valve type deadman and haven't shot it before it can eat the valve very quickly. like you, I'm usually the one on the hose, My guys move too slow and I cant stand watching my profit go out the nozzle. I have an old post office job where they want the paint removed from the plaster walls, you guys have any ideas if the plaster will hold up?
Hope it works out for you, that will be a nice job.
Good Luck
well this is what i told the guy in my bid...

they started stripping the paint with something that rolls on and suppose to just peel off...peel away? it was not working from what he says due to the moisture on the walls when they applied it and because of the rain...they wound up pressure washing that stuff off and it is still lined up with scaffolding.

i explained that without shooting a few test patches i can not be sure but i will do the job for 1.50 per square if they supply ALL the help and i just blast.he claims he likes the price wich i would guess he would because i bid it cheap enough to hopefully get this job and gain some understanding of larger scale work.i really have been super slow lately and money is tight so i figured i would work it through and just see what happens.

pa...i planeed on getting black beauty from reed in tampa wich is where the job is and pretty much where i live...i was also just contacted about copper slag and the guy was suppose to be getting with me on pricing.he claims it is faster cutting and less dust than coal slag.

the surface is smooth cement and just has a paint job or two on it...i am no paint expert so i was unsure of its makeup but i did in fact say nothing is definate until i do a test...maybe i whored out and stole some good paying work from somone?maybe i will loose my ass?at this point i have only a skid of media and fuel involved so i wont loose much.

also how much media would you recommend putting on the job at once keeping in mind i can go get it with the truck i have my compressor in but i can only get one pallet at a you guys reuse the media and sift it as much as possible?i cant imagine just keep throwing virgin media in the pot until it is all done...sorry lots of questions
You have to really move fast when it comes to paint removal on concrete.. I did 40 concrete pads for out house at one of the northern provincial parks up here in Ontario Canada. it was flying off on some but others you had to beat the hell out of it and if you have the nozzle in one spot for more then a few second and it can really cut up the concrete and start to expose the rock that makes up the concrete, witch was ok in my case because the were looking for a little texture for a none slip floor. But be very careful when it comes to exterior walls because you can seriously screw up the wall, and then all your profit will go out the window repairing it…I would go about $1.75 to $2.80 sq foot.

Hope this help a little.
i used a mixture of 80/18 silica free sand from a local supplier. if it's epoxy i would stay with some thing a little more cores than normal but keep it moving fast.. an 80/18 mixture will help with the cutting throw and the 80 will get in there and give you a close to a 100% removal but it is so hard to get that with out damaging the concrete.. it's just one of thou's job you have to really way all the pro's and con..

blastserve, I used to re-sift and reuse my abrasive. There is no shame in it. The bigger you get the more rules you have. I have to use an abrasive that has a standard size and shape to produce a certain profile. The job you are on does not need this. If you feel that you can recycle and keep up production more power to ya. Here is my only worry for you. Florida is the standard that paints are tested by. Most coating companies have test facilites in florida just because the weather and moisture conditions are so bad. I would hate to see you get into a situation where you are trying to remove a very high preformance coating or an elastomeric. The paint may take way to long to get off and you may lose your but. The only way to know is a test blast. Copper slag is expensive. I am going to use reed minerals for coal slag in mo. next month and we going to pay $100 per ton. I pay seventy in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. I pay 65 at Mcabe minerals in Nebraska. I can get river rock in all these states at 20$ a ton but it cuts slow.

blastserve, I need some info on the Andersons Inc. port in Florida. I understand this may be miles and miles from you, but it is important to me. This could be work for both of us. I can find out on my own but in these times I would like to help everyone. PA
is that by chance in the port of tampa?

I will get a hold of my old operations manager, I dont know where the knew operation is at, It was leaked to me that the Andersons have operations in Florida and PeurtoRico. That is why I was on you last year, I wanted to get an Idea about florida

I Know that florida is three hundred miles across but we can do that in a day

I just locked in MO. Thats a 46,000 sq. ft. Half paid up front.

I was saving the portageville news for later. But it is locked and loaded. Next stop Henerson KY. Then its up to Blastserve.

I would like free room and board in New Madrid MO . Or Portageville MO
i took the job and worked through the night last night...7-5am and i feel like it is gonna be a decent job.i was given a helper and all in all things went good except my electric line for my deadman was screwing with me due to having a bad 50 foot section that would not allow me to get power up 3 stories...but i managed to figure it all out.i will be back on the job monday night...i will try and get some pics up when i go back i will bring my camera...
i was pretty spoiled having a helper...i usually do it all myself and it is something that i am gonna have to really strive for...sure makes it nice not doing it ALL by is so absolutely tight thses days around me and i would not want to have a family depending on me but i am gonna make it my goal for the next 12 months to have someone
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When you get a chance get in touch with me. I can send you success stories that might be of great interest to you.:clap:
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