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Power in trailer for battery chargers?

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I was thinking of running a pig tail into my trailer to power three double battery chargers. I was wondering if anyone else has done this and if it is even a good idea. I like the idea of leaving my battery chargers in the trailer and running power from a temp. pole on the job. To take it one step further I had an idea to plug the battery chargers into a lamp/appliance timer and plugging in at home. I really don't know about this last idea?? (fire) Thank in advance for anyones input.
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just insulate the trailer and add a heater, set to 45 degrees and leave everything in the trailer.

It is much better to keep your pneumatic tools above freezing also

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Well, it only gets down to 20F here, if it got colder I would have to do a better insulation job and seal the vents.
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