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I am installing a new furnace and on the power venter there is a relay (poyter and brumfield kup-5a12-120) 120 in and it should switch down to 120 out on another leg of the relay but its not. Anyone know what makes it switch

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Field uses the potter Blumbfiled type relays, I am not sure as I do not have one in front of me but it is a plug in type relay.
Line voltage I think enters from the upper vertical pins as a switch leg, the lower pins that are horz are for the 24Vt coil.
Power enters the relay box, and then a neut would go to the blower motor and then to the transformer.
When the relay is made 24 vts runs throught the relay and into a time delay, to a pressure switch before it allows the burner to light.
I have had to replace these relays in the past as they do wear, Granger sales this relays give them a call as they stock it.

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