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Porter Cable cleat nailer?

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Anybody using the Porter Cable cleat nailer? I think I'm going to get one because I'm going to install a brazilian walnut floor and dont want to break off tongues. I did brazilian cherry once and it was a nightmare w/ the staples. Also the same nightmare w/ staples in hickory. I think I'll get a cleat nailer and use this mainly and just keep the bostich stapler for a backup.
I can also get a permatech on craigslist but the guy wants like 700$ for it and it's used. I can get the PC for 450$ from grizzly. Any suggestions??
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I have the Porter Cable cleat nailer. It works well, only jammed once or twice. Be aware that it comes with plates for 1/2" and 3/4" flooring. If you have some oddball thickness (such as a European metric size) you'll need to make a shim for the bottom plate to get accurate cleat positioning.
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